In a humid environment, heavily polluted dust, cleaning the camera and video camera regularly after use is essential. In the upcoming Tet holiday, you will use a lot of machines to take photos of your family, travel or take photos for your friends and customers. Therefore, it is more necessary to check and clean your photographic equipment. In order to avoid the situation when needing to use, there is a problem due to reasons such as:

  • The lens is moldy, bamboo roots, zoomed in, and stuck in the border
  • Dirty sensor, dust for photos with black dots
  • Battery is empty, does not hold electricity
  • Landmark viewfinder, peeling coating, looking at an unknown object
  • Cleansing machine, skin peeling skin loss
  • Lens has a focus error


After the use time, the camera and lens need to be checked and sanitized
With genuine machine, warranty.

If you buy genuine, company-owned and warranted machines, you should bring them to your buying places for them to check and sanitize to ensure the continuity of your equipment in the protected period. and in these cases, the time will be 2-3 days or longer.

The warranty period and address of the company are usually recorded on the warranty card when you buy the device and you should ask the phone first to avoid losing work until the warranty room does not work. There are many genuine machine shops, they will not do it directly for you but only receive and bring back to the distribution company so the time will be very long. It is better that you go directly to the warranty address of the device you purchase for less time waiting.

With a laptop or machine, the warranty has expired

For film, portable or out-of-warranty equipment, you can also go to service centers if you have a waiting time or don’t need to use those devices urgently. In case these devices are used immediately, you should bring to the senior and prestigious repair shops in the industry, many people respond well.

Addresses for Northern brothers.

* Nikon warranty and repair center in Hanoi : 2nd floor, Viet Hong Building, 58 Tran Nhan Tong, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. Address: 024.39381412.
This is Nikon’s warranty center in Hanoi and also offers cleaning, repairing Nikon portable equipment or out of warranty if you request. For details about your case, you should call ahead for advice.

* Canon warranty center in Hanoi : 130A Giang Vo, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City. DT: 1900 55 8809.
This is Canon warranty and repair center. You need to clean or repair your device, call the hotline 1900 55 8809 for advice.

* Giang Duy Dat Camera . Address: 463 Giai Phong Street, Q. Thanh Xuan. Phone: 024.3869.2865 – 0966.275.848 – 0904.551.862 – 0912.999.677. This is the business address and repair of senior camera equipment outside Hanoi. Currently, Giang Duy Dat always maintains 2-3 workers and still takes on most jobs from guests. If you do not want to go to the center, you can go directly for quick support.

* Pham Tan Phat Store . Address: No. 2, Alley 29, Lane 157 Lang Pagoda. (You all go to Lane 157 – the house of the house thinking MiLan – meet the general resistance Mini. You go to room 604). Phone: 0943634151.

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