Invite brothers and sisters to register for the year-end offline photo shoot in Dong Thap. This is the time when the Sa Dec flower village is the most poised to prepare for the train to Saigon for Tet holiday. On the way, we will visit the Huynh Thuy Le house to listen to the story & quot; Lover & quot; the tangerine gardens … Many scenes of the Western life are waiting for you. >

  • Sa Dec Flower Village
  • The House of Huynh Huynh Le (the place where the movie The Love is made)
  • Pink Mandarin Garden (take photos and have tangerines to eat on the spot)

Time: Friday, January 25, 2019

  • 03:30: Focus on Delicate coffee
  • 04:00: Depart for Dong Thap
  • 06:00: Breakfast
  • 08:00: Take photos at Sa Dec flower village
  • 09:30: Gather through the House of Huynh Huynh Le (on the way to Lo Lo)
  • 12:00: Lunch
  • 13:00: Visit the pink mandarin garden
  • Capture the ordinary life along the road … back to Saigon.

Main charge : Mod @Xitin_hm (Nguyen Ngoc Son – dt: 0908785787) and mod @spacezone (Tin Phung – phone: 0902858250)

Number of participants : 30

car travel

: 450k /1 person (including breakfast + lunch + car money + ticket to Flower Village + Old House + Tangerine Garden + Reward for the photo contest harvested from the trip)

  • You sign up, please transfer funds with the following contents: Name + register Saec offline on tk number, then write in the comment section below.
  • Owner tk :: Nguyen Ngoc Son
  • Tk number: 0071003012129
  • Branch: Vietcombank, Ben Thanh branch.
  • We will confirm the list below for you to follow

The list will be finalized until 20:00 on January 23, 2019, or as soon as the first 30 people have registered (transferred)

This will be the chain of activities of the Exquisite Camera with the aim of facilitating you to visit and take photos through offine transfers.

Hope you guys will respond.

@Xitin_hm .


Sad Flower Village – Western Delicate Camera Photo


Sa Dec Flower Village – Photo Truong Tran


admin Exquisite Camera @tuanlionsg take a photo Ancient house Huynh Thuy Le


Lai Vung Tangerine Garden – Truong Tran Photo


Subscription list updated

01. Tran Thi Thu Giang (ck)
02. Nguyen Thanh Luong (receiving cash)
03. Nguyen Thanh Le (ck)
04. Nguyen Hoang Minh (cash)

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