Beauty is an essential need of many people and it has almost no limits. So, even if AI has a smart smartphone, people still prefer beauty camera applications, taking more godly photos than AI’s natural beauty level. Well, not to mention the iPhone users do not have a beauty mode, so they often use it. In this article, I will synthesize the list of photo editing applications or to say is the beauty application that many users prefer today based on its coverage level. However, I synthesize based on the frequency of appearing on social networks – the photos are shared by friends, and I myself rarely use these applications but mainly VSCO to adjust the image color so it is difficult to avoid from shortcomings. If you know any more apps, please share them.

A little more for you guys. Surely many of you have seen clips of duck-making divine swans on Tiktok that people often say are wearing makeup. In fact, if you make up even dumbbells on your face like that, going out on the street will look like wax figures and even if you shoot clips when you don’t have such a beautiful natural face. Part of the clip is complete the make up stage, “miles” add beauty camera application 🙂 ). So, then show the boys’ clips, just tap a few for the face, face the wig, don’t need to make thousands of make up classes, the last step to turn on the app is a beautiful woman.



This app must definitely rank first. Men and women, I also see this application. Because the free version of it will automatically close the watermark to the image, so when everyone uploads the image, I will see the word Ulike rub. Before that, I wonder how many users use it. Download the test, oh god, how beautiful is the beauty app now? Honestly for a long time, 360 didn’t even load on phones like teenagers. First, this application has the ability to edit small details on the face such as larger /brighter eyes, higher nose /squeeze the nose /lengthen the bridge of the nose, and the distance between the mouth and nose and chin is slimmer. /more compact /longer /angled, … really extremely detailed.


Next, after modifying face parts, you can make up if you forget to make up or leave your face, which is lipstick, sharpener, block, blush, white chalk, etc. again, if the face seems to be dead or want to take a new picture, then it is not necessary to rush to make up, just open this application and adjust it all. (same as the tiktok clips). Some female fake men whose face is rough, just open it up, press 1 time, it will become a beautiful female beauty. (once considered a clip 🙂 )). All that you set up will be saved, then reopening the app will only take you to capture, no need to adjust each one.

And yet, after that, you can also add color filters, effects for increasingly sparkling colors. Or experience the many styles of make up available (it self-corrects all skin color, mi, …). In addition, it also allows to adjust both height and slim body. In particular, there are always filming beauty videos and tutorials for selfie posing. In short, too powerful & quot; divine & quot; are also popular photography applications, when some smartphone companies such as Samsung have “attached & quot; it goes directly to the default camera application on the phone. Have you ever used it or have you used your sister, mother, girlfriend? : 3

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