At the end of the year we want to replace the old washing machine that has been used for more than 10 years so I spent some time learning to buy a new machine and now want to share the experience with you, hoping to help you little much in choosing a suitable washing machine between a forest of products and manufacturers.

Before buying a washing machine, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Buy top-loading washing machines or front doors?
  2. What is indirect and direct drive?

1. Should you choose a door or front washer?

To distinguish the door washer or the front door, you just need to look at the door position. The upper door washer will have a door on the top side, the washing bucket will be placed vertically. The front-loading washing machine will have a door on the front and the washing bucket will be placed horizontally. Now I will go and analyze the pros and cons of these two machines.

No more space saving

Many people say that on-door washing machines save more space than front-loading washing machines and I have a search to try a round of articles on the internet, I see that mention this problem. However, when I try a comparison, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthese two machines is not really different so much that we can save the area at home.

Through the comparison table, you can see that the front-loading washing machine has an area equivalent to the upper door but has a lower height. This is a comparison for the same 9kg model. So when you buy a washing machine, you just need to remember that the device will occupy 3×3 tiles (30cm brick) at home and this way you can estimate where to put the device is suitable.

The front door is more than double the door on

I continue to compare prices, so for the same brand and the same number of washing machines, the front door is more than twice as much as the upper door machine. This means that for the same amount of 9 million, you have a top-loading washing machine that can wash clothes for 5 to 7 people instead of a front-loading washing machine that can only wash 3 to 5 people. If your home is crowded and without conditions, consider this issue.

Front door squeezes clothes more dry than doors on

Because I was advised that the front-loading washing machine would produce drier clothes and not be twisted like the upper door, so I made the comparison table of spinning speed so it was true. And I’ve also experienced the fact that a new front-loading washing machine is a lot more dry than my old washing machine.

In addition to the above criteria, I heard the salesperson say that the front-loading washing machine will save water more than the upper-door washing machine. However, because I have no conditions to measure, this problem will be ignored. Besides, I have compared the money test before and after changing the washing machine, I don’t see any significant difference, so you don’t need to worry about water quality. For front-loading washing machines, you will be advertised as having more washing modes, but I only use 1 or 2 modes, I don’t care about other modes. If you buy a washing machine for your parents or grandparents, you don’t need a lot of features to do because your parents or grandparents can only press the button to wash it.

2. Should I choose an indirect or direct drive washing machine?/span>

Currently there are 2 types of engines on the market: indirect and direct transmission.

Indirect washing machine is the first type of washing machine, the rotation of the washing bucket is done through the belt connecting the motor (motor) of the washing machine and the washing cage, the same way we drive the magnetic Pedal to the rear wheel of the bike. When the washing machine’s motor is started, the belt will transfer rotational force from the engine to the washing bucket through the flywheel (pulley) mounted below or behind the tub, helping to rotate the washing bucket.

The direct drive washer (also known as the shaft washer) is the next type of washing machine with a new design, eliminating the drive mechanism through the belt with the motor attached directly to the washing cage so when the motor turns, the washing bucket also follows.


With engine design like this, we can easily see the advantages of direct drive motor. Due to direct drive from the motor to the washing cage, there is no loss of power as when using a belt. For indirect transmission, after a while the belt will stretch and will affect the rotation speed of the washing bucket. Also the direct drive motor will make the machine run more smoothly than the belt.

3. Should any washing machine choose a price below 10 million?

For my family, just washing the clothes for 3 to 5 people is the most, I can’t get the 6th person so I have a price range of 10 million I have chosen the front door immediately. Previously, my old machine used the Electrolux motor indirectly and it sounded pretty loud, so now I decided to buy a line using a direct motor hoping that it will run smoothly and more durable. With its demand both front door and direct drive, the market currently has children LG Inverter 8KG and AQUA Inverter 8.5KG.

If you do not need a front door machine but want to use the upper door for saving, you will have more options such as TOSHIBA Inverter 9 to 10KG, SAMSUNG Inverter 10.5KG, AQUA Inverter 9KG or LG Inverter 10KG.

4. Notes after purchasing the device and using the machine

Some of you buy a phone, complain about why I bought a direct drive machine and it still sounds like a tractor or a washing machine is not clean. In addition to the problem of the machine you can warranty or return the manufacturer, it may also be caused by yourself. So, check all of the following before calling a technician or taking a warranty that will save you a lot of time while waiting for resolution.

When you buy the machine and the company’s technical team has finished assembling the machine, you should check if you have removed 4 locking screws (not for new machines to open the barrel), maybe their staff will forget. For a loud or stirring machine, you should check if the device is balanced. It is recommended to limit the use of iron or stainless steel legs to lift the machine, which may cause the machine to lose balance. If you wash things that are not clean or a loud buzzer, you should check whether you are overloading the washing.

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