Tet is here, not this weekend we have to make all year for Tinh brothers, we need some uniform for the group, so I stopped by True Color to ask for help to print some samples. This is also the place where previously mod Male _ Airblade14 went to experience and introduce, hand print solutions and print devices on t-shirts for brothers on the road.

Now stop by, besides technologies such as True Color Forever Digital Transfer or True HD Max that Mr. Nam introduced, I also find that there is another solution on this side to help fulfill the above requirements with investment costs. Initially less, easier to handle makes you want to have a business solution in the field of fast printing can be easier to combine, which is the True HD thermal transfer printing solution.


More precisely about True HD, this is the name of a heat transfer printing solution set by True Color’s partners, essentially the same as True HD Max technology, but a little different in standard stages. With the initial device, with less initial investment, about 200 million, much cheaper with the initial cost of True HD Max technology.

If True HD Max has the advantage that the service maker does not need to invest anything, just send the design file to the company, the company will produce printed film, you bring that film to press on the shirt (if If you have a press or ask the company to press on your sleek finished shirt with on-site presses, then in True HD technology solution, you will be consulted and provided with machines and equipment to have You can manipulate these tasks yourself with the output image quality is also quite high, of course will not be equal to the quality when compared with True HD Max technology, but in return you are less strenuous, solve image copyright issues and related problems when sending files to the outside, then I will not be able to control …

_ DSC5172.jpg

If only talking about a purpose just to print a logo on a uniform for a company or print a large number or a lot of designs in halftone design or color with details and color filtered go … or to print the finished clothes, cloth, porcelain … with images and colors on the top, you do not necessarily need this technology because on the market today there are many technologies Helping to do such things but with the quality is not guaranteed much, what can print quickly, a lot of quantity, the finished product is not very good or limited to printing less color, the fine print is limited in real time Current printing and initial investment cost … With this True HD thermal transfer technology, you can easily print on only with 1-2 finished products in a very short time of 5-10 minutes, high image quality, beautiful colors, if you are not familiar with the design, the software also has options to help you change color, color separation, creating halftone … easy.

True HD printing technology advantage over other printing technologies on the market:/i>

  • Print regular color prints quickly with high quality and high definition details:
    • Invest the system with less cost than other systems
    • Print with high resolution up to 1200 x 600dpi
    • Increasing productivity is easy. The printer can print 20-30 A3 sheets /minute.
    • Just invest in a heat press.
  • Print special effects that other printing technologies are difficult to do:
    • Neon color printing: dozens of different colors.
    • Metallic color printing: Hundreds of colors with hundreds of effects.
    • Print silver, stainless steel or metallic gold
    • Print velvet effect …
  • Can print on different fabrics: cotton, polyester, 65/35 fabric, jean … regardless of white fabric or color fabric, dark fabric without having to process chemicals on the printing surface before or print in front of white background on the area to be printed if printed on dark fabric.
  • Print on other advertising materials, which other shirt printing systems cannot do:
    • Print on glass (glass cup for competition and award, glass for bar or gift …)
    • Print on porcelain cups regardless of white or colored glass: any ordinary porcelain cup will print normally, unlike heat transfer printing technology that requires porcelain to be coated with very toxic chemicals. li>
  • Print durability: Printed images will hold the highest quality for 2 years if 1 week is worn once (60-70 washes)

_ DSC5190.jpg

More details about this True HD thermal transfer technology:
this is a fast thermal transfer solution for various materials such as coat, fabric, porcelain, glass … fast , beautiful, cheap by using OKI color laser printer and thermal transfer printing paper and heat press machine.

_ DSC5085.jpg
_ DSC5081.jpg

  • <ecloth About color printers: The difference here is to use OKI color laser models like Pro8432WT (A3) or Pro7411WT (A4) with one box White ink (white toner) in parallel with 3 other color cartridges is CMY (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow).
    • The use of a white box allows you to print different images and details on paper or shirt backgrounds, dark fabrics at the same time as you press the print command, which types of machines Other prints could not be done or could be done, but it took more time but not as good as it was because it had to handle a surface with a white background first by spraying or painting, cutting the white decal before printing the details on the dark fabric, then Color details can float and show colors. Secondly, the mechanical system of OKI machine with Single Pass technology and a strong body makes it possible to easily pull thick, high-quality paper such as thermal transfer paper … in a smooth, hard-to-jam way. paper and paper damage.
    • Owning with LED printing technology and multi-layer printing technology brings sharper and more vivid images, smooth color transfer like inkjet printing, but with printing time per printout with high quality prints Ensuring unlike the continuous inkjet printing method commonly found in the market is a slow printing time and very easy to block the nozzle and then the print quality will not be uniform./li>
    • In terms of color, because of using OKI ‘s proprietary ink system, it helps to keep the printed products preserved in color for the longest time, which is very important because the image on your shirt is always durable. color throughout the time of use, will usually hold more than 1 year if 1-2 times a day washing.

_ DSC5077.jpg

  • <ecloth About printing paper: there are many printing paper applications for this purpose such as cutting PU printing, thermal transfer film – dragging white ink, A-B no-cut paper … but here I introduce AB no-cut paper-type thermal paper because of its ease of use, faster and more suitable for this type of printing.
    • Basically, these are two different types of materials, including one for direct printing _ called paper A, and second for glue B. At this time, B glue class is easy to understand as it is a compound or solvent, only detached when there is ink, no ink will remain on the base of the paper.
    • When printing directly from the printer, you can customize the white coating on the product to be printed on the computer and then use the heat press to press the paper A into the face of the paper B. At that time, which areas of the image have The ink will stick to the glue on the B substrate, the areas without ink will not stick to the A paper layer, so it can be understood that it helps to save the white coating and cut the area to be printed. to squeeze finished products.
    • And more importantly, it is possible to print complex, detailed patterns that previous types of paper could not perform. This type of paper is suitable for printing small quantities in very short time.
    • In addition to printing on AB no-cut paper, if you want the printed product to have more special colors and colors, the ink cannot be made like the color, metallic color or neon color, luminer color … then we need to add a special roll of color film separately, then add one more layer to that layer on top, the area with the ink will eat with the color, the area without ink will remain the same.


  • <eatsh About heat press: you can basically choose which heat presses on the market are okay, however, if you use the machine well, the uneven heat transfer tray will damage the product or the product that is squeezed out has an uneven place …

<ixel The process of printing and pressing:

_ DSC5156.jpg

When you receive the file to print, it is not necessary to know how to design it because the printer’s software will help you a lot in handling the layout, big and small, adjust the color or increase or decrease the color and coverage. Each color before printing, especially handling white background more or less if the need to print on dark background, black background …br />

_ DSC5160.jpg

Prepare the printer with each type of paper suitable for your target ink.


You can see that instead of the normal color laser machine we have 4 CMYK cartridges, with this OKI machine, black is replaced by a white toner cartridge to CMYW, you should not worry about not having a black cartridge. black areas will not print, black will be automatically blended from the above 3 basic CMY colors with black shades equivalent to loose black boxes.

_ DSC5179.jpg
_ DSC5120.jpg

This is a printed film finished product on A paper, below, which area will be pre-painted white with the details up correctly, as shown below if you want to design the halftone form you can customize directly with the part. Soft print easily.



After printing the A-side paper, you use the press and press on the surface of paper B with the heat press with time and temperature depending on the different presses.


Then separate the B-paper layer, the part that has the ink will stick to the side B and stay on the A side, the rest peels off. The advantage of this way is that you can print very small details that the cutting plotter technology cannot do because after cutting the plotter, it is necessary to remove the excess decal, it is very time consuming, for printing with many lines definition, removing excess decal is not possible.

_ DSC5133.jpg
 Cut off the excess paper so that it is close to the picture you need to print

DSC_0068.jpgbr />
Then press the thermoformer again with the heat press to seal the plate onto the jacket


Finally peel off the paper A, which part has glue will stick to the face. For better adhesion of the glue, you should press it again and again so that the new glue can be firmly pressed to the lower surface, especially the fabrics with large fibers such as cotton or jean …



If you want the printed product to have more special colors and colors, but the ink cannot be made like the color, metallic color or neon color, luminer color … then we need to add a special roll of color film separately, then add one more layer to the top layer, the area with the ink will eat with the color, the area without ink stays the same.


So, you have a very nice finished shirt with only 5-10 minutes from the time you put the file into the machine and especially you do not need to know much about the design software. dedicated. You can get to work with just one coat, but don’t have to do as much as other printing technologies.

True HD printing technology products:

_ DSC5113.jpg
_ DSC5117.jpg
Thank you for watching.

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