Although not attracting as much attention as Z9G, recently at CES 2019 Sony has also launched two new OLED TV series: Bravia A8G and Master Series A9G. If 8K is representative of the future trend, the duo shows that 4K OLED TVs are increasingly accessible as well as optimizing image quality by service that promises to bring a better experience to users. .

Sony is an interesting TV company. Because this Japanese brand often offers a lot of new ideas but is very lax in bringing it to end users. I feel like Sony does not like to turn users into white mice, the products must reach a certain level of perfection to officially sell. That’s why Sony didn’t follow the curving screen or quantum dots, which is why it took 10 years since the introduction of the first XED-1 OLED TV until the mass sold OLED TV. A1E. It is important that once you pursue the trend, they never give up, A9G and A8G have proved it.

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Sony A1E’s first mass-selling OLED TV series is an interesting product, you can refer to the Sony Bravia OLED TV Hand Manual A1: Distinctive design, impressive image, high price but still reasonable . It reminds us that the background only determines 50% of the TV image quality, the rest is in the processing algorithm. Therefore, the combination of OLED panels and X1 Extreme processors still helps Sony to differentiate itself from the rest of the OLED TV market. I don’t even think it was a coincidence, but only a year later Sony’s competitors began to focus on developing processor chips. Besides Acoustic Surface technology, turning all screens into speakers and Android TV operating system is also a plus. Basically, Sony Bravia A1E is a very successful TV series, but it merely hits the high-end segment like every other high-end OLED TV series.

A8G and its predecessor A8F version are truly a product of Sony’s strategy, when it comes to image quality equivalent to A1E at a much more comfortable price. This once again confirms the increasingly more accessible trend of OLED TVs for consumers, even gradually replacing LCD TVs in the high-end segment. Of course, names like Z9F (2018) and X9500G (2019) still show that when combined with a reasonable price, large LCD TV is still an attractive option in the high-end segment. But in terms of overall image quality, OLED TVs are no longer just for the big money. Saying that, so that OLED TV becomes popular, we will have a long road ahead.

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