& quot; If you do not bring it, you will be afraid of it. weary and weary, but sometimes not used to & quot ;. That is the situation of many brothers taking photos to share, about carrying anything for a trip. Myself, before, where to go is taking everything for sure; Now carry it gently. That change, not only because of health or equipment ownership, but the shooting has more clearly shaped, what to shoot and what to use more clearly. However, on the contrary, there is a lot of equipment, but I don’t know what to bring or need, and the lack of a lens or a lamp is also difficult to handle. >

Invite you to share so that you can get your precious experience!



  • Wander in the neighborhood, will bring:
    • A small Compact, Sony RX100 IV or Canon EOS M50
    • And of course, a phone, usually a lot of shooting. A small tripod.
    • A bottle holds a small heat, holding a coffee. I often use Americano, sometimes I find it hard to buy when I’m shooting, so I’m sure.
    • A small mini flashlight in the palm, room when needed, it’s always in the pocket.
  • Traveling a few days, will bring:
    • Things above and add a set of cameras.
    • Camera is a DSLR /MRL
    • Depending on what the intended location is, I’ll choose a lens, a tripod or a light …


& quot; Bring enough stuff & quot; It is very difficult to capture the intended shot. But determine what to take, what to bring, it will help me be more flexible. Many of the furniture and equipment too sometimes create the mentality of taking over the creative part. The equipment required is a loss of results for the trip. Therefore, it is very good and effective to find out beforehand, what information and what to capture and what to take to capture it.

Please share your experience!


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