If you do not know, in order to source foreign currency to develop a nuclear weapons program, North Korea uses hackers as well as tricks to steal money from banks and organizations around the world. Their latest victim is Redbanc, whose bank is responsible for controlling and operating ATM systems in Chile. All these funny and bad stories come from the carelessness of a single Redbanc employee.


The employee read the notice of recruiting the position of software development on LinkedIn, and contacted the “employer” via Skype. Here the employer asks the banker to be anonymous to install a software called ApplicationPDF.exe to the computer and says that the software is used to create the information file of the applicant. Listen here, you can laugh, because like what you’re thinking, it’s not a recruitment tool at all, but malware.

Ironically, this malware was installed by that miserable brother on Redbanc’s computer, so hackers get information about users, hardware, OS and proxies, knowing which computers belong to which company. . Then they continue to download the next malicious code to take control of Chile’s cash dispensing system.


The reason security experts identified the attack was related to North Korea, because the malware is called PowerRatankba, a malicious code used by the hacker group called Lazarus Group, and the hacker group has links. Intimidated by the attacks that Pyongyang is behind: The 2014 hack server, WannaCry 2.0 attacked 230,000 computers in 150 countries in 2017. According to experts’ estimates, this hacker group has been sent. $ 571 million from January 2017.

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