Such a TTBC season has passed with many surprises in the terms. Nowadays, there are many items and the brothers participated in the vote of enthusiasm. In the audio category, I was surprised because the results in some categories were completely different from what I thought. Let’s take a look at the results of the TTBC18 batch at the audio item limit.

1. The most popular headset brand

In this category, Sony won absolutely before other competitors. Not surprisingly, Sony has long been a favorite brand of headphones and it also has a lot of products with many price segments to serve listeners.
Next was Sennheiser with nearly 2000 votes. This brand from Germany has long had a large fan base in Vietnam. However, perhaps because of the lack of image making, it was still a long way from Sony, although it was second. Hopefully this year the company will push harder to get more votes.
Bose is the third and most overbearing brand that is Apple and Beats. I thought Apple and Beats would have a higher deadline but the actual reflection was not true.

2. Brand favorite mobile speakers

If Sony is at the top of the category in the headphones category, then on the mobile speaker front, they will only rank third and cede the top spot to Bose. Sony has a lot of portable speakers but this reflects the amount of uncertain quality. Hopefully this year Sony will invest more in its mobile speaker products to get higher rates.

JBL holds the second position by nearly 200 votes from Sony, which can be said to be extremely dramatic. JBL’s portable speaker products used to make the market of Vietnamese portable speakers a few years ago in recent years seem to be exhausted. This is evident that JBL lost more than 2000 votes to Bose and only less than 200 votes for Sony.

3. The most popular mobile DAC brand

I was quite surprised when Sony won this category again because the company really did not focus as well as many portable DAC /Amp products. However, what surprised me most was that the 2nd place belongs to Chord Electronics. This is a premium British DAC /Amp brand with excellent sound quality.

3rd and 4th place belongs to FiiO and iFi. It can be said that these are two brands that are familiar with those who love portable DAC /Amp in Vietnam. Although Nuforce has been involved in the Vietnamese market for a long time, it also contributed to this ranking.

4. True Wireless headphones are the most popular

Not surprisingly, Airpods topped this ranking because of its large user base. However, the second position belongs to B & amp; O E8, which makes me quite surprised because this is a high-end product that is twice the price of Airpods.

Sony also ranked third with the SP700N headset. This is a true wireless headset that caters to people who love sports and has noise protection. Bose Soundsport Free is still loved by many brothers even though it has been released for over a year.

Sennheiser Momentum TW although recently released, it was also highly appreciated and suddenly entered the Top 5. What surprised me the most was that the 65t Jabra elite headset didn’t get many votes and stood After Sennheiser Momentum TW