Viettel is the first network operator in Vietnam to be licensed to test 5G in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. According to ICTNews, Viettel has completed the application for testing 5G network infrastructure after it has been prepared before. The operator hopes to build a stable infrastructure to cater for upcoming 5G network devices in the future.

The practical benefits of 5G can help connected devices become faster and more stable, especially devices that connect IoT. Good network infrastructure will serve to connect, automate, high-speed, low-latency, and solve many of the current limitations of old technologies. Currently the carrier is waiting for frequency information to be able to prepare suitable design and equipment to meet the requirements from the Ministry of Information & Communications.

Currently this is just a license to test the network. It is still too early for 5G technology to be deployed in practice and widely. Viettel has cooperated with suppliers to research and manufacture 5G equipment. 5G is not merely a 5G radio base station but also includes a core network system to support 5G and 5G terminals. For example, if only 3G terminal will not be able to use 4G. Therefore, in order to get the complete network, we need to have terminals, 5G transceiver devices, transmission system, connection between station and switchboard.

Hopefully, when deploying 5G, operators in Vietnam will bring better and more stable service quality. Please share your expectations about the 5G network technology below.

Reference: ICTNews

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