Vinaphone and Zalo have announced strategic cooperation by releasing co-branded products, expanding sales and customer care channels on Zalo. The first step of co-branded products is that two new SIM cards are available for Hey Zalo and Zalo Shop for two main users: students and online sellers. Vinaphone has Internet and voice services, while Zalo has a community of over 100 million users.

Two SIM cards issued by Vinaphone are prepaid SIM, prioritize data packets, messages and voice. Two main groups are students and sellers, both packages are free of data when chatting or calling via Zalo application. With Hey Zalo, this 50k /month package will bring subscribers up to 4GB of high-speed data, 100 minutes of in-network calling. Many incentives when using Zalo.

Meanwhile, Zalo Shop is SIM with 4000 minutes of internal calls, 20GB of monthly data. This SIM is suitable when you need to chat or make many phone calls, livestream sells through 4G network, advertises through Zalo. In addition to Zalo, these two SIM cards also give users unlimited access to Zing MP3.

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