China and the West are running a telecommunications technology race in the near future, through 5G technology. Experts predict that 5G not only helps speed up the internet connection of users of devices, but also allows us to connect with each other much better than at the present time, when 4G is still popular. And at the center of that race, nobody else is Huawei.

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Until a few months ago, all eyes were on Huawei as a candidate for the title of the race, even though it didn’t start yet. China ‘s giant group has signed more than 50 countries to use Huawei’ s infrastructure equipment to deploy the 5G network. In March 2018, Huawei came to Mobile World Congress as a king.

But then, all eyes were on Huawei too, but the extremes were 180 degrees. Countries, economic experts, technology, cyber security and national security began to rethink whether Huawei was a Trojan horse that China was using to control the telecom system. global communication or not.


First sign: On December 1, 2018, Ms. Manh Van Chau, chief financial officer of Huawei was arrested by Canada when she was in transit in Vancouver to prepare to go to Mexico. Although the arrest, according to official information, has nothing to do with 5G, but it is enough to make the vice president of Huawei Canada, Scott Bradley have to quit his job on 12 January. Before leaving the vice-chair, Bradley had a seat in 5G Canada Council, who decided how to deploy the 5G network infrastructure in this country, which carrier device to use …

Last week, the US Department of Commerce blocked a Huawei shipment from Hong Kong to Huawei’s subsidiary in California, Futurewei. The Department of Commerce calls for equipment in this shipment that poses a risk to national security. Finally, last weekend, Wang Weijing, an Huawei official, was arrested in Poland on suspicion of spying. The Wall Street Journal reported that Wang is a director of public relations and sales. Wang was arrested in Poland with an official of the country’s IT industry. The Polish side accused Wang and officials above of plotting to gather information about the Polish government, using Huawei’s equipment.


Again, Huawei chairman Nham Chinh Phi was a member, and an engineer of the Chinese army before founding Huawei in 1987. Since then, Huawei has become a leader for the technology industry of China. China, contributing to creating technology complexes for the military and the virtual Wanli City that China is using. Counterintelligence agencies around the world suspect that Huawei helps create devices that allow Chinese intelligence to intervene in the internet links of many countries, along with selling equipment to US-sanctioned countries.‚Äč

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