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Check passport, visa, deadline

It must be possible to have a visa to enter your country, but there are countries that require special requirements such as making a visa to the airport, or a few other countries, asking for a passport to be more than 6 months old. term You can find out about your country’s passport, visa requirements to travel to the consulate website in Vietnam. Most information is short, easy to understand and should read through.

Also, you need to check if your passport is … still. I have encountered many cases to apply for this visa, but I have already finished it, but it is nearly time to go back and forth to lose my passport, but I do not know in advance long enough to get a new passport, so I have to cancel my trip and have lost my happiness and lost my money. . So usually before I go 2 weeks, I check my passport carefully, put it in a safe cabinet.

In case you lose your passport, you can still return to work and most countries will support the re-issuance of visas for expired passport or passport holders. Of course, you will have to spend a little more, but it is still better than losing fun and losing the whole trip.

Check the outlet for travel to

The standard socket of the place you are about to fly is extremely important because your chargers and electronics can’t fit in here, and not all hotels have a plug for you to borrow. . So before traveling to any country you need to find out about the standard socket they use, I often watch on World Standards website, do they list each type of connector correctly with which country is very convenient.

Plug & amp; socket types – World Standards
Đây là một xác thực của các điện thoại nào hiện thời được dùng trong sự giới hạn. Có nên có 15 kiểu các phần này trong sử dụng này, mỗi lần nào được assigned một thư.

After referring to the standard plug, you can easily run to the electric store to buy the switch. Most popular standards of America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asian countries … are widely sold so it is extremely easy to find.

In addition, I bought a multi-standard support department to always have a backup plan. I brought quite a lot of electronics, especially when I was on business, so I needed many switches for these machines. This department I bought long ago from Dien Quang, but I think you can find better and better ones. My bureau was a bit creaky and there was no USB port />

Learn customs and culture

This is just as important as the preparation of visa, passport of the upcoming country. When you understand their culture, when you know what to do and what to avoid, you’ll avoid a lot of problems that can affect your trip. How to say hello, how to thank, how to talk, how to ask for directions, how to apologize … are the basic things to know.

In addition, you should also refer to dangerous areas that should not be approached, often travel writing sites will have a lot of warnings for you. Remember to write down some notes for easy viewing and reference when needed.

Picture I took with an older Hawaiian in the travel consultant team, very friendly and cute

Preset some local apps, call apps

When you get to the airport, you should have a number of local guides and car apps available, such as Grab, Uber, Lyft. This will save you a lot more cost than a traditional taxi ride. Since most major airports also sell SIMs at the arrival station, you can have the Internet as soon as you land. Maps apps, a metro guide, a restaurant guide, and each city, each country is something you should download from home, just open it.

Often travel articles will mention the app name you should install, so you don’t have to study too much.

What is a payment facility?

Some countries restrict cash use, such as the United States. When I went to some hotels they were forced to pay by card, not to use cash, if there was no preparation you might have trouble getting a check-in or going shopping.

Or like China, for example, in big cities people prefer to pay with QR code or mobile payment forms than cash so you need to prepare these things ready. If you follow a group, ask your tour guide and tour company how you should prepare your money.

My experience of payment is as follows:

  • When going to big countries, develop:
    • Mastercard and Visa credit cards are widely accepted
    • Credit card is available, or credit limit is still available
    • Bring cash, change it to their currency, remember to check which currencies they accept
  • When traveling to smaller, less developed countries for electronic payments:
    • Still carry tags
    • Cash will be the main means of payment

Some other experiences related to money preservation when going abroad:

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