After a lot of security scandals and scandals about Facebook users’ personal information, many people thought about removing the account deletion app to avoid continuing to “donate” data to Facebook to get rich. If you say Facebook is having a bit of trouble, it will be said to reduce too much to say, because there has never been an MXH at the same time facing a series of accusations and scandals like Facebook of 2018.


On Twitter, there is a hashtag cluster # DeleteFacebook , when you use MXH to switch to this platform and delete the application and Facebook account to protest what the user does not see of the big MXH most planet. But that’s only a few, very few. The others either don’t care about Facebook’s current accusations and scandals, others are more cautious with the information posted on this site, but still don’t leave.

It can be said that Facebook has completely changed the way we live on the internet, and giving it up is not simply deleting the app and deleting the account.

So what is the reason?

1. Facebook is now the platform that connects thousands of web services, applications and other social networking platforms

Now there are many mobile applications or websites that allow integrating Facebook accounts to register and login very conveniently. There are even a few services that require users to have a Facebook account as the only way to log in to use the service. Despite the past few years many people have objected to this lazy filling of many websites, but undeniably, it’s too convenient.


Now if you leave Facebook, chances are you won’t be able to log in again, Quora, 9Gag, Tinder and billions of other services and applications. For example, currently more than 50 million Tinder users are logged in via Facebook for convenience, needing to upload each photo and update their personal information like the account creator for the first time.

Not only Tinder but other services from Spotify, Airbnb and Patreon also work similarly, making users think very carefully before not playing Facebook anymore. In fact, with a lot of applications that are using Facebook account integration, it is impossible to stop using this MX for many brothers.


Currently Facebook and Google are sharing a very wide internet ecosystem, but at least at the moment Google has not been as ostracized as Facebook. But you might have figured out that with the two big monopolies, only one account could log into 1001 different sites, it would be impossible to leave one of them />

2. Many brothers still need Facebook for work and study

Take my example, always go for convenience. Every day I still have to use Facebook to communicate with partners, search for shared information shared on social networks, and exchange with colleagues in case they are unable to view messages on the tools only for work like Gmail or Slack, for example. I’m pretty sure my co-workers are “piling up” a lot on Facebook, so I want to get the fastest response, just send Messenger messages to each other.


Similar to many other industries such as marketing, dev, fanpage management, … Facebook is now not only a social network to share personal stories and connect people like how 10 years ago it replaced Yahoo 360 in Vietnam too. It has become an indispensable part for a large number of netizens in our country, both in terms of entertainment, work and friends and family connections.

Even in foreign countries, there are some companies and organizations arresting personnel who must have a Facebook account to be accepted. Students and students also have Facebook Groups to exchange and work together more conveniently. The fact that Facebook depends on people is real, and cannot simply say stopping is right, but instead must consider the consequences and remedies to make life and work as smooth as possible. normal.

3. Until now, Facebook is still a tool to connect people together

Facebook doesn’t always fulfill its mission perfectly and positively. Take, for example, groups of “career-minded” professionals who scold other people, people who like to share fake news or scandals about Facebook’s recent racist content, obviously they are dark corners of the network. This huge society. But when an MXH has 2.3 billion users every month, controlling these shadows is really not easy for Facebook.


Whereas if you look at the problem in a more positive way, then for people, nothing is better than updating the situation of friends, siblings and relatives thousands of kilometers away, not every day. can also meet each other. Similarly, Facebook also becomes a place to keep memories of each person, and it remembers friends and relatives’ birthdays better than many brothers!

Leaving Facebook will make many people fall into a state of depressed psychology, because it is unknown where to find a platform to keep in touch with people like Facebook, many users and facilities like Facebook at the time. present. That feeling goes hand in hand with the feeling of peace when an early morning wake up of turning on Facebook is no longer in the eyes of bad content articles that make people feel negative, such as peeling off this singer. complain about the restaurant …


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