Visa Schengen or we are called Visa Europe is not easy to get. But you may not know that the Schengen visa is one of the most powerful visas in the world. With it, you can enter 26 countries in Europe and several other countries, as well as enjoy the privileges of obtaining a visa from some other continental countries. However, keep in mind that the Schengen visa is not a European visa as we often call Visa Europe because some European countries are not on this list.

List of 26 countries where you can use the Schengen Visa include: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, France, Greece, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. In addition, you can also enter the territory of the Principality of Monaco located in France, San Marino and the Vatican located in Italy, Andorra located between France and Spain.


In order to own a Schengen visa, you only need to apply for a visa from a country where you will come first in the Schengen. The Schengen visa will have 3 types: Single Entry – Single entry, Double Entry – 2 entry and Multiple Entry – multiple entry.

In addition to the above 26 countries, you will be able to travel to several other countries and enjoy some other privileges like:
+ Enter Turkey with valid Schengen visa, fly with Turkish carrier and pay online E-visa fee.
+ Visa exemption for Taiwan even when the Schengen Visa expires
+ Exempt financial proof when applying for a Korean visa if you have a Schengen Visa in the last 2 years

For Visa Multiple and double entry, you will be able to enter countries:
+ Albania, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Serbia (maximum 90 days)
+ Romania with the stamp of entry into a Schengen country before
+ Montenegro, Belarus (maximum 30 days)
+ Sao Tome, Principe, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo (up to 15 days)

In short, if you own a Visa Schengen Multiple or Double entry, you will be able to set foot in about 40 countries. Yummy. How many countries have you owned a Schengen Visa?

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